About this event:

Over 2million people in the UK are living with Long Covid. These people are attending health and social care services asking for help.

  • We will present current evidence about Long Covid, including the range of symptoms and possible theories about causes.
  • We will discuss current management strategies that can help people living with Long Covid manage their symptoms.
  • We will highlight resources and high-quality sources of information for both practitioners and patients

Learning outcomes:

  • The breadth of symptoms that people living with Long Covid experience.
  • The types of treatment that may be helpful for people with Long Covid.
  • The place of Long Covid clinics.

Webinar participants will have a better understanding of Long Covid and the experiences of people living with the condition, which will help them empathise, support and manage people with Long Covid.

People with Long Covid will feel understood and will receive better care from individual practitioners and sign-posting or referral to appropriate services.


  • Carolyn Chew-Graham – Professor of General Practice Research, Keele University
  • Margaret O’Hara – Founding Trustee, Long Covid Support