About this Event

Join this one-hour webinar to experience a video group clinic and explore how you might use video group clinics to help you improve quality and efficiency during COVID19 and beyond. See and hear how this new way of providing chronic disease management support and QOF reviews works, and is helping to create time and build clinician resilience through person centred digital transformation.

At this webinar, you will hear from clinicians who are running VGCs for diabetes, asthma and cancer, and learn how video group clinics:

  • Improve access and support wellbeing
  • Realise up to 80% clinician time efficiency gains (6-8 patients reviewed in 30 minutes)
  • Maintain planned reviews, despite the challenges of social distancing
  • Support retention and flexible home working for clinicians
  • Restore joy to practice; reduce lone working and burn out
  • Build integrated working and team resilience