A unique education and development opportunity for Practice Nurses

Macmillan Cancer Support is looking at the development of practice nurses in order to provide appropriate care and support to the 2 million people (about 200 people in a 6,000-patient practice) in the UK, currently living with and beyond cancer. NB this figure is expected to rise to 4 million by 2020.

We feel we can build on the success that practice nurses have already shown in managing other long-term conditions such as diabetes, asthma, COPD and IHD. However, we recognise that some skills may need to be reframed and new ones gained, to give nurses the competence and confidence to take on an increasingly important role in the long-term care of people who have or have had cancer.

What are we looking for?

We are seeking experienced and motivated practice nurses who are interested in learning more about cancer and cancer care. The nurses we are looking for must also be willing to become more involved in the care of people affected by cancer in their Practice both during and following the completion of the course. We are aiming to recruit a small group of no more than 20 practice nurses to participate in this course, so it is important to apply early.

What are the expectations?

1. Practice nurses taking part in the course must attend all 3 taught days and complete e-learning modules over the course of the programme. They will be expected to undertake some cancer related practice development within their place of work. They will also be expected to discuss and share their individual work-related developments on each taught day. The nurses will be well supported to this by the facilitators.
2. The participants will be expected to deliver a 5-minute presentation on the final day. This will be based on the changes that have taken place or are planned in their place of work that will have a positive impact on the person affected by cancer.
3. A short patient case history will be handed in 6 weeks after the final taught day, demonstrating personal learning and development in respect of the management and care of a patient in their place of work, who is either undergoing/or has recently finished, cancer treatment. Support will also be offered to help with this short piece of work.
4. We aim to increase your confidence, skills and understanding of cancer, and introduce you to local resources that can support you in your role.

We will require each participant to have in-practice support from a named GP colleague and the backing of the practice as a whole to ensure all course work is integrated into the seconding Practice.

What will it cost?

There will be no cost to the participant, or the Practice, apart from travel expenses.

What do I need to do next?

If you would like to apply, please complete, and send us the application form on the next page as soon as possible (and before Monday 14th January 2019). Please note:

1. You will need to have the full support of your Practice when applying.
2. We only accept 20 people on each course and we have had to turn applicants away from previous courses, so applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis

In addition, to sending the application form on the next page, you must send us a short supporting statement telling us why you would like to be considered for this course. This short statement should also include a brief resume of your work experience to date and your professional and educational qualifications.

Information for practice managers 


Comments from previous students:

“It was a great course and I am really grateful for having experienced it. It is quite amazing how much I have brought to my work since doing it, and not just in caring for patients with cancer. It is certainly a course I will be encouraging my colleagues to apply for”

“I would thoroughly recommend the course to other practice nurses and miss the study days which were such fun despite some of the topics we were covering”

“Can you please thank the whole team for a very enjoyable course. I have learned so much and cancer does not seem so terrifying now, it was so good to meet up with all the other nurses, as practice nurses you can feel so isolated and now I have been introduced to a lot of people that I feel I could speak to at any time”

“Absolutely loved this course, one of the few where real practical useful changes can be made without epic organisation”