Event Overview

This is part two of a series of events aimed to help GPs better manage issues they often face on a daily basis. The series goes on to cover a number of topics including mediation and having your voice heard. This session focuses on managing conflict in the workplace facilitated by Dorcas Crawford, Conflict Management Consultant.

‘Conflict is inevitable, combat is optional’ – Max Lucado

Whether it’s colleagues, patients or other people we come into contact with through our work, conflict can and will arise in any situation, but that conflict, when managed, need not become combat.

In this workshop we will look at the skills that help us manage conflict in a healthy, respectful, constructive way.

The workshop will be interactive, allowing time to practice and apply the skills you will learn.

Following an introductory session on the issues around workplace conflict, the rest of the event will take the form of a workshop which will include the opportunity to practice and apply each of the skills covered in the group session

The event is free to attend and you must register to reserve your place. 

Please note this event is organised by the RCGP Northern Ireland Faculty and we welcome all GPs UK wide to join if interested.

Event Organiser: Fiona Monaghan

Contact Fiona.Monaghan@rcgp.org.uk