With the vision of relieving practice burdens and helping to release time, many practices are in the initial stages of training their non-clinical workforce to expand their role, dealing with more clinical correspondence and information. In order to do this safely and efficiently, CMT Clarimed Training has developed this training programme for GP reception and administration staff to train in key skills and knowledge, allowing the delegates to return to the workplace with supporting information. This will further enable them to execute their role with a foundation understanding and an enthusiasm for delegates to continue with their own self-development.

Throughout this highly interactive half-day course* medical terminology and how to crack the code, common blood tests, acronyms & abbreviations and hospital departments, will be studied using exercises, breakout groups and quizzes. Delegates will have access to relevant and up to date documents, videos and links on the CMT Clarimed Training website following completion of this course.

Course Objectives: 

  • Understand how medical terminology is constructed
  • Learn common medical suffixes, prefixes and root terminology
  • Identify hospital departments
  • Recognise medical acronyms and abbreviations