Mindfulness can be described as the development of present moment awareness. When you are mindful you know that you are mindful; you are aware of what you’re thinking, feeling and sensing in your body.

For most of us, this is not how we experience our lives much of the time – instead we find ourselves running on automatic pilot, which is when our ‘buttons’ often get pushed. In addition, due to workplace demands of multitasking, instant messaging and constant connectivity, we can find it increasing difficult to switch off and concentrate, which can have a negative impact on wellbeing as well as our performance. This can result in us working less productively, and focussing too much on others’ wellbeing and needs, whilst neglecting our own.

Mindfulness practice helps us become aware of how our own thoughts and feelings impact our experience of the world around us. It enables us to move from a reactive state of mind to a more conscious way of responding.

Our 1-hour introductory Mindfulness Masterclass combines the latest insights from neuropsychology and emotional and social intelligence and explores what mindfulness means, the benefits and applications in everyday life as well as providing participants with experience of at least three mindfulness practices.

This is then followed by a series of weekly mindfulness sessions to embed the practice of mindfulness into everyday life.”