Event Overview

RCGP members – £175.00, Non-members – £250.00 – Inclusive of accommodation and meals.


Launched in 2019 by Dr Lucy Loveday at the RCGP Annual Conference and selling out the RCGP Tamar Faculty Nature Immersion is a hugely successful retreat for GPs looking for a reset within Nature with peers.

The course two day course, which includes an overnight stay, will offer a different way to gain new insights and skills to raise your resilience and nourish your wellbeing.

The course is held on at Brimpts Farm a Duchy of Cornwall tenanted farm located in the heart of the Dartmoor National Park.

More information

In collaboration with a team of leaders and specialists in the field of nature connection for wellbeing, we are delighted to bring you this pioneering RCGP nature resilience immersion course.

This two-day immersive course will offer individuals the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world in a safe, supported and facilitated environment.

This Nature Immersion course is leading the way for wellbeing for the NHS workforce. The two-day course will offer GPs the opportunity to develop skills that cultivate a sense of wellbeing, drawing upon the neurobiology of resilience & applying theory through experiential learning.


Never before has there been such urgent need for the restorative effects that nature has to offer, to be placed at the heart of recovery for frontline staff. This course will provide individuals with the space to reflect, learn and connect. To restore yourself as you take valuable time to be with nature. The workshops and activities are delivered mostly outdoors, and each offers the individual the opportunity to develop new ways of thinking and being for a sustainable future.


The venue provides a beautiful space for quiet retreat, away from the noise of an increasingly tech dependent world and into the wilderness of Dartmoor National Park. Tailored to GPs, the programme will include:

  • Practising simple techniques based on applied neurobiology, mindfulness and traditional sources which can be used in everyday work
  • Learning about resilience from the woodland ecosystem, and practical tools for our own wellbeing and our teams
  • Conservation work and physical activities together to de-stress, relax into the land and shift perspective
  • An evening campfire circle for sharing, mutual support and insights on work stresses
  • Processes and time to consider better approaches for tackling work challenges and systemic pressures

This programme has been jointly developed by the University of Westminster Centre for Resilience and Hazel Hill Trust following four very successful pilot programmes with junior hospital doctors, psychiatrists and GPs. The Westminster Centre for Resilience has over 20 years’ experience of helping medical professionals. Hazel Hill Trust is an educational charity and leader in nature-based resilience.