NHS Data and Information Virtual Congress

The NHS Five Year Forward View is set to revolutionise the way NHS organisations delivery care, Data and Information will be at the very heart of the transformation process.

Back in 2016, NHS Digitals board signed off on the development and implementation of the NHS Digital data and information strategy, the 4-year strategy outlined how data and information will provide a foundation for health and care providers to deliver the best possible services.

Our Virtual NHS Data & Information Forum will provide delegates with a high-value research and development platform, we will hear from the UK’s leading healthcare data professionals and share best practice from across the UK and further afield.

NHS Digital is on a mission to empower and improve the way the NHS use data by being a supportive pillar in the implementation of world-class data and analytics services through the highest level of skills, expertise, tools, techniques and technology, this has been set out into 8 key objectives that represent the roadmap to improving the use of data and information in health and care;

  • Data content
  • Data access
  • Publications
  • Analysis
  • Data science
  • Customer engagement
  • Workforce
  • And infrastructure

Each area has multiple sub-areas, our virtual NHS Data congress plans to provide updates and on the ground feedback from each proposed area in a safe and secure environment, delegate registration will offer:

  • High-value NHS content
  • Safe and secure networking
  • Round table content streams
  • Exhibition areas/ stands

Places are limited for the event so please get in touch today to secure your place!

Research sources for NHS Data and Information Virtual Congress: NHS Digital / NHS E&I

We are advising ALL attendees attend the event via personal laptop or mobile device (Non-NHS Device)

We have noticed that NHS Devices are making it more difficult to view event content.

To maximise the chances of viewing content:

  • Attend via a NON-NHS Device
  • Attend the event via the Convenzis APP (where possible)
  •  Connect via your personal WI-FI (NON-NHS)
  • Attend the online platform via google chrome web browser