The NHS Pension Scheme is a significant part of your total reward package, providing a guaranteed income in retirement, along with other benefits.

We have been working with our pensions advisors, Isio (NHS pension specialists) to run a series of online webinars. For some of the topics, we’ll be delivering separate sessions to both Officer and Practitioner colleagues. Most colleagues have Officer benefits in the NHS Pension Scheme and so will want to book on to an Officer session.

If you meet one of the following descriptions, you’ll want to book on to a Practitioner session:

GP Providers (Type 1 Medical Practitioners)
GP Registrars
Non-GP Providers (Whole Time Officers)
Ophthalmic Medical Practitioners
Salaried GPs (Type 2 Assistant Practitioners)
Type 2 Medical Practitioners
GP Locums
Dentist Practitioners
Out of Hours Providers
If you’re still unsure what sort of member you are, ask your employer for more information.

The topics we’ll be covering are:

  • Pensions Basics for HR -Sessions to support HR and Payroll colleagues to have conversations about the NHS Pension Scheme with their staff.
  • Pensions Basics for Officers & Practitioners – An overview of the NHS Pension Scheme and what you get for being a member.
  • Flexible Retirement for Officers & Practitioners – An explanation of what your flexible retirement options are.
  • McCloud – An explanation of what ‘McCloud’ is and what to do if you’re affected.
  • Pensions Tax – An overview of the current pensions tax rules and what to consider if you’re affected.
  • Financial Wellbeing – Tips for managing your finances during a cost-of-living crisis

The seminars are available to book now and will run for a limited period – please book your place as soon as you can.