Nurse learning forums are designed for Practice Nurses across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire and facilitated by the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Training Hub Nurse Educators. The objective of these nurse forums is to provide valuable learning opportunities with a guest speaker at each event. It also gives Practice Nurses, the opportunity to network and aid collaborate learning.

Guest Speaker – Bryony McDonald – LIAISE Officer – East of England from England Illegal Money Lending Team – Discussing what a loan shark is in the legal sense, how you can spot if somebody may be a victim, some case studies of loan sharks and their victims and the effect it has on their lives, what to do if you think you know about a loan shark or a loan shark victim and finally how we can work together to raise awareness within communities and promote safer borrowing where necessary.

Item Guest Speaker Timings
Welcome Introduction Sandra Hawkins and Dina Goy 12:30-12:45
Headlines for Training Sandra Hawkins and Dina Goy 12:45-13:00
Supporting patients who may be victim of Loan Sharking Bryony McDonald 13:00-13:30
Q&A with Group Sandra Hawkins and Dina Goy 13:30-14:00