This conference will explore how obesity impacts significantly on many organs resulting in common disease clusters that have a metabolic or inflammatory component. COVID-19 has thrown a particular spotlight on obesity as a risk factor for poorer outcomes. We will review the healthcare challenges of living with multi-morbidity and how primary care might streamline some components of care.

Learning outcomes:

  • Explore why the prothrombotic inflammatory effects of COVID-19 result in poorer outcomes for people with obesity
  • Review the role of obesity and weight reduction across different end-organs, including fertility and liver health
  • Understand how medical and surgical obesity treatments affect end-organ health
  • Consider how healthcare systems can be modified to reduce the treatment burden associated with having several long-term conditions

Novo Nordisk has fully funded all costs for the development of this half-day conference. Novo Nordisk has had no influence on the content and full editorial control remains the sole responsibility of the RCGP.