Despite an historical sense of defeat in treating obesity, a variety of new treatment approaches are emerging, some of which have yet to filter into ‘usual practice’. With an encouraging evidence base, impressive benefits are being found across co-morbidities. Aside from whether obesity is recognised as a separate disease, its relevance to GPs relates to how profoundly weight management and lifestyle approaches can improve core health concerns across all health domains, from mental health, pain control, liver disease, fertility and – topically – COVID-19 outcomes.

Learning outcomes:

  • Explore extent and feasibility of primary care’s evolving role in new treatment approaches
  • Update on medical management options and new medications
  • Understand importance of Tier 3 and Tier 4 referral and support pathways
  • Recognise changing attitudes and engagement around discussing weight and importance of signposting to support


  • Dr Rachel Pryke, GP, RCGP Clinical Advisor on obesity and nutrition


  • Dr Stephanie de Giorgio 
  • Dr Jonathan Hazlehurst 

This webinar is sponsored by Novo Nordisk