Schwartz Round – One Patient, One Journey, One System- systems without borders.

About this event

People Promise theme: Always Learning , We are a Team, Voice that Counts

Please join us for this pop up Schwartz Round, led by diverse panel. The session will encourage us to think about the challenges of working across the system, With the theme “One patient, one journey, one system- systems without borders”.

Schwartz Rounds are a safe, reflective space to think about the personal an emotional impact of the work that we do. Schwartz Rounds are licenced in the UK by the Point of Care Foundation and their website is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to find out more about Schwartz Rounds. About Schwartz Rounds – Point of Care Foundation Evidence from the Kings Fund shows that regular attendance at Schwartz Rounds has a benefit on staff well being and how they how connected they feel to their colleagues. The sharing of stories is an excellent way of bringing people together, enhancing compassion for one another and the people we work with.

Schwartz Rounds are run in all of our system acute providers, as well as in CPFT, and if you enjoy today’s round I would encourage you to attend the rounds in your local organisation. These are usually held monthly.


Anna Forrest and Becki Thorogood.

Additional information

This session may be recorded for training and development purposes available via CPFT learning platforms. By booking a place, you consent to being recorded.

This opportunity is free to those working for organisations delivering social or healthcare in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. All we ask is that you book wisely, cancelling your place if you can no longer attend to ensure others who can, could take your place.