PAD and foot disease (diabetic) 9.00 -12.30


Registered nurses, associate practitioners and health care assistants.


  • To enable the student to acquire evidence based, up to date knowledge and skills in recognition of PAD and prevention and management of foot ulcers
  • To ensure a standardised approach to looking after problems with foot

Learning outcomes:

The student will be able to

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the at-risk diabetic foot recognition of PAD and infection.
  • Apply the principles of holistic assessment and work with podiatry team to draw up a management care plan.
  • Demonstrate un understanding of the foot pathway and timely appropriate referral to other teams.

Awareness to be achieved:

  • PP sessions: Pathophysiology of PAD, diabetic foot ulcers and discussion regarding pathway.

Quiz or reading to be completed during the time allocated on the study days.