So how can you support patients with persistent pain, to self-manage in a time-based appointments?

About this event

Online workshops are for healthcare professionals, who want to start or improve, their pain self-management skills.

Workshop overview

  • Introductions and challenges you have coaching, people who are living with pain and long-term health conditions
  • What do you want to get out of the workshop?
  • Setting the scene…why you and patients get stuck and all the really interesting stuff
  • Stretch/comfort break 10mins
  • Understanding the tools in the Pain Toolkit and how to use them
  • Explain the 5 key coaching pain self-management skills?
  • Assessing your own needs
  • Other tools for your toolkit
  • Ending the workshop

What you will need to take part?

Computer, tablet or mobile phone with a camera which also an internal or external microphone

How to join the workshop

All participants will be given a dedicated login for their particular Pain Toolkit online workshop.