Day One: 03/11/2021

Introduction to Wellbeing and how to look after yourself with Care Network Cambridgeshire – 09:15-12:15

  • What is wellbeing and resilience and how do we apply these practices to our work and our patients.
  • Understanding different techniques that can help attendees in their work and how to use them.

Introduction to the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise with Hunts Forum – 13:30-14:30

  • What is the VCSE? Expand your knowledge on the infrastructure and gain understanding of the support available to you.
  • Where does the VCSE fit in your roles and how can we work together to support those with long term conditions.
  • Develop a better understanding of community groups, how they are funded, grants and how to establish if a group is suitable for your patient.

Day Two: 04/11/2021

Introduction to Statutory services with Adult Early Help, Housing and the Cambs TECS Lifeline Service and Enhanced Response Service – 11:00-13:00

  • Introduction to the different housing partners and agencies across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.
  • An understanding of how to support people get into suitable housing
  • Overview of homelessness –how the homelessness process works
  • What is a hoarding disorder? How to identify a hoarding disorder in a patient. How to support patients who have a hoarding disorder.
  • Over of the TECS lifeline service, how to refer and who can benefit.

Day Three: 08/11/2021

What is good link work? With NHS Regional Learning Facilitator – 09:30-10:00

  • How to establish boundaries and acquire greater awareness of what good intervention looks like to provide the best support for your patients.
  • The sessions learnings will be provided by Sian Brand who will pass on her insights as the Social Prescribing Associate. Link workers will also get an introduction to Care Network Cambridgeshire

Meet your District Navigators with Care Network – 11:00-14:00

  • An overview of the different services the voluntary sector has to offer and how to match patients to the best services available
  • Attendees will get a chance to expand their knowledge on what’s available in their local area through the breakout area sessions with the community navigators from their local district .
  • Applying this knowledge to practice, attendees will then get a chance to pose questions to the navigators on possible solutions available to support their patients

Day Four:  09/11/2021

Applying your learning, scenarios and writing compelling case studies – 10:00-11:00

  • Taking your learning from the induction, attendees will have the opportunity to put this
    knowledge into practice with the use of scenarios.
  • You will also learn how to write compelling case studies and the importance of sharing your successes.

Introduction to Personalised Care with Joanna Aldridge (Personalised Care Ambassador) – 13:30-14:30

  • What are the benefits of Personalised Care and what is meant by Personalised Care?
  • Your understanding and experience of Personalised Care
  • How the 3 Personalised care roles work together
  • How to engage with the statutory sector
  • As a social prescriber, Joanna will also do a question and answer session where attendees can ask questions, share knowledge and seek advice.