Phlebotomy (Venepuncture) Update

This course is aimed at those who are currently taking venous blood samples and wish to update their phlebotomy (venepuncture) skills and demonstrate their continuing competence – includes a review of the theory and practice of taking blood from the arm and dorsum of the hand.

Review of:

Anatomy and physiology
Reasons for carrying out phlebotomy
Different methods of phlebotomy
Identification of veins suitable for phlebotomy
Contraindications and unsuitable veins
Potential problems and how to address them
Relevant policies and procedures
Equipment used locally
Assessment of and communication with patients
Obtaining informed consent
Health and safety
Infection control and safe disposal of equipment
Demonstration of competence on a teaching model
Appropriate documentation of procedure
Discussion re: recommended versus actual practice. Sharing of good practice.

Please note that you will need to bring your own refreshments as they are not provided.

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