To facilitate protected learning time, this live webinar and Q&A session, will be accompanied by a discussion guide for practices to use on the day to support local action planning, and a set of links to online resources to provide further information and tools.


Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes – How can we as a Practice best support our patients to live healthier longer lives?

Although CVD & Diabetes affects so many of our patients, its management is getting increasingly complex: LDL; FIB4; SGLT2-I; KFRE; BMI; IMD; HbA1c; MACE; GLP1; HRT; BP; GBD; PCSK9i. What does this all mean for you, your practice & your patients??!!

Offering personalised & holistic care of obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia/QRISK & diabetes will require the combined efforts across all our practice & PCN staff – both medical & non-medical (or non-traditional) providers.

Join as a practice or PCN to hear from Dr Jessica Randall-Carrick, ICS Clinical Lead for Diabetes & Obesity & Co-Lead for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, to understand the huge clinical importance of these acronyms, and learn of different successful strategic (& often simple!) approaches implemented by practice staff across C&P (whether administrative, reception team, or clinical) to improve the care they offer their patients, reducing the risk of major cardiovascular events, achieve their QoF targets, and help their patients live healthier longer lives.

The session will include opportunity afterwards for small group working as either an MDT or uni-professional group (eg Prescribing considerations) – whichever is preferred by your practice/PCN.



The Facilitator & Discussion guide for this session (including links to online resources) is available to download here.

Speaker Profile

Dr Jessica Randall-Carrick is ICS Clinical Lead for Diabetes & Obesity & Co-Lead for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention.

Please be aware that this session will be recorded and shared on our Resource page for colleagues to view.