We will be joined by the Office of national statistics who will share new figures from June 2021 on those who are affected by the ongoing symptoms of COVID-19. We will hear from clinicians who have seen more than 1500 patient describe the variety of clinical presentations that are emerging and offer updated advice on how primary care can ensure effective assessments are undertaken. We will explore the condition in children and also hear from a patient with lived experience talking about recovery and hope. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and hear about the launch of the new RCGP resources to help you learn more and keep up to date with the evidence as it changes.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the methods and estimates used in the June 2011 ONS survey of reported COVID-19 symptoms after one month
  • Be able to describe patterns of presentation of Post COVID-19 syndrome (“Long Covid”)
  • Understand how primary care can assess and support patients with Post COVID-19 syndrome (“Long Covid”)
  • Be able to recognise Post COVID-19 syndrome (“Long Covid”)in children
  • Consider the patient journey in relation to hope and recovery
  • Be aware of the new RCGP resources available for Post COVID-19 syndrome (“Long Covid”)

Webinar Chair:

Dr Michael Mulholland, RCGP Vice Chair Professional Development


  • Dr Gail Allsopp, Lead for Clinical Policy RCGP; Associate Professor Primary Care, University of Nottingham
  • Daniel Ayoubkhani, Principal Statistician at the Office for National Statistics
  • Prof. Paul Garner, Professor of Evidence Synthesis in Infectious Diseases and Public Health
  • Dr. Melissa Heightman, Consultant Integrated Respiratory Physician at UCLH and Whittington Health
  • Capt. Ed Nicol, Defence Consultant Advisor in Medicine, Defence Medical Services
  • Dr. Elizabeth Whittaker, Paediatric Infectious Diseases Consultant, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust