This 90-minute workshop takes a different look at this perennial subject. Using a systemic lens on power and politics reveals interesting dynamics of belonging, safety and recognition – and control – that were learned long before leaders became leaders. For this module we create three dimensional maps of systems, to explore the impact of power and politics, create a secure personal power base and an understanding of how politics plays out for everyone, including those who reject it. Key topics addressed include:

  • Standing in your authority – understanding the source of your personal power (please note this is based on family systems work)
  • Learning to belong to yourself – the most effective way to win power games
  • How you stand in relation to politics, as the art of getting things done

About the Caring Systems masterclass series:

This is a series of 90-minute, high speed virtual masterclasses for leaders working in challenging, constantly evolving systems – who still need to care for the people in their team and find ways to care for themselves. The workshops are practical, interactive and should be enjoyable. Each one includes a different ‘airlock’ meditation to tune out the emotional noise, and the demands placed on you, to help you to fully participate. You will notice the thread of systems leadership and individual care running through the whole series