Course information

This is the second “Practical Allergy for Primary Care Symposium” run in Cambridge.  Following our successful symposium in 2018, we continue in our goal of providing practical, simple advice to enable healthcare practitioners in primary care to feel confident in diagnosing and managing allergic disease.  This is primarily aimed at doctors and nurse working in primary care; however, any interested healthcare professional would be more than welcome to attend.

Learning objectives

  1. To be able to take an allergy focussed history
  2. To have an understanding of basic allergy investigations, their interpretation and when they may be appropriate
  3. To know when to refer for specialist allergy advice
  4. To understand the difference between non-IgE and IgE-mediated food allergies, primary care management and criteria for referral
  5. To have an understanding of pollen food syndrome
  6. To be able to demonstrate and be confident in the use of adrenaline auto injectors – including risk assessment and prescribing indications
  7. To be able to demonstrate the administration of topical nasal steroids and inhaler devices
  8. To understand asthma in the context of allergic disease
  9. To be able to manage allergic rhinitis in primary care, understand criteria for referral and indications for immunotherapy
  10. To gain insights into the practical management of eczema and when to consider allergic disease
  11. To have a basic understanding of urticaria and angioedema, focussing on history taking


As well as structured lectures, there will be an opportunity to “meet the experts” to discuss cases, practical workshops as well as a question and answer session to conclude the day.

We look forward to seeing you there!