About the event

This on the couch webinar will provide an opportunity to hear about a pharmacy leader’s career journey to becoming a GP partner, how they accomplished this, and advice for colleagues on building relationships, resilience and boundaries.

Why it’s important

Pharmacy professionals in GP practices work hard to integrate with the wider team. This requires resilience, confidence, good communication skills and appropriate boundaries. Knowing how to access to support to do this is important.

What will be covered

  • An example journey towards a senior pharmacy role to reflect on
  • How to raise your profile as pharmacy professionals in GP practices
  • Tips on developing relationships, resilience and boundaries as a means of integration into the primary care team


A range of speakers from SPS and other organisations will run this event.

Non-SPS speakers

  • Yuen Toh, Joint Clinical Director, Strategic Lead, Lead Senior PCN Clinical Pharmacist, Apex Primary Care Network
  • Isheeta Mendiratta, PCN Senior Clinical Pharmacist
  • Zoe Webb, Senior Pharmacy Technician, General Practice Alliance

SPS Speakers

Learn more about SPS team member who are speaking.

Barry Jubraj
Nicola Wake
Rakhi Aggarwal