About the event

This is an opportunity to hear two different perspectives on the roles of pharmacy technicians in primary care.  The first will be local experience from one GP practice, along with a strategic perspective from national pharmacy technician leaders

Why it’s important

Pharmacy technicians are valued and important members of the primary care pharmacy workforce.  There is a need to grow their role, share how pharmacy technicians can work effectively with pharmacist and other colleagues; and make the best use of their knowledge and skills for patient benefit

What you’ll learn

  • Valuable local experience from one primary care pharmacy team about how they are making best use of their pharmacy technicians’ skills
  • A strategic view on the role of pharmacy technicians in primary care


We have the following expert speakers taking part in our webinar

Non-SPS Speakers

Our guest speakers are:

  • Philippa Jones, Principal Clinical Pharmacist, General Practice Alliance
  • Zoe Webb, Senior Pharmacy Technician, General Practice Alliance
  • Liz Fidler, Senior Professional Advisor Pharmacy Technician Practice, Chief Pharmaceutical Officers Office
  • Mary Carter, NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) ICS Pharmacy Education Training and Workforce Lead, Primary Care Associate for the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK (APTUK)

SPS speakers

This session will be facilitated by Barry and you can learn more about him by following the link: