About this webinar:

Problem gambling affects many people, of any age and from different backgrounds and its effects reach far beyond the person who is gambling. This event focuses on what is problem gambling, the causes, risks and how a person might present to you.  We’ll be sharing some data, information on what help and support is available, top tips for you to integrate into your practice, how to engage in a conversation around gambling harm and we will also be providing resources and information on further reading and training on this topic.

The learning objectives for this webinar is to raise awareness and understanding of:

  • What is problematic gambling and gambling harm.
  • How does problematic gambling develop, affect people’s lives and present.
  • What help and support is available.
  • How wider family who are affected might be effected and what support they might benefit from.
  • The resources and training available to enhance your knowledge on this topic.

Speakers include:

  • Louisa Mason: Senior Policy and Communications Executive for RSPH/Royal Society for Public Health UK
  • Neil Platt: Clinical Director at the Beacon Counselling Trust, a mental health support provider delivering a wide range of community based programmes including problem gambling treatment and one of a number of organisations at the forefront of government policy on gambling.
  • Darren Dooler: An expert by experience, who will be joining us to share his experience of problem gambling and recovery.
  • Christine Blythe: Chief Executive Officer BPRCVS and NW Regional Coordinator Lead for thriving Communities with a contribution from Kevin O’Hara, Partnership Development Manager, LSCFT.