What will be covered?

  • What is pulmonary rehabilitation?
  • What is the evidence and guidelines?
  • What do patients get out of pulmonary rehabilitation?
  • Why should you refer to pulmonary rehabilitation?
  • A chance to ask questions

Learning Objectives

  • To have a greater understanding of pulmonary rehabilitation
  • To have a greater understanding of the evidence for pulmonary rehabilitation
  • To understand how to refer to Pulmonary rehab


Kristy Jenkins, Respiratory Physiotherapist

Kristy is an experienced respiratory physiotherapist working within Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust. She has worked within secondary and community care and runs pulmonary rehabilitation across the county.

Bianca Bird is the lead respiratory physiotherapist for CPFT and has worked both in secondary and community care. Bianca is the clinical physiotherapy lead for the community respiratory team, team lead for Peterborough community respiratory team and pulmonary rehabilitation lead for CPFT.