Registration as a spirometry certified practitioner at all levels of competency is valid for 3 years before it requires renewing by submitting a re-accreditation portfolio. You will be reminded 6 months prior to expiry to give you time to prepare.

On the 12th September 2016 there was the launch of a competency assessment framework “Quality Assured Spirometry” which sets the minimum competency standards for healthcare practitioners performing spirometry. The framework will be fully implemented by 31st March 2021.

The ARTP are now responsible for holding the national register of spirometry certified practitioners at all levels.
You can view the National Register here:

3 Levels of Competency Assessed


For those who have been assessed as competent to perform safe, accurate and reliable spirometry tests without interpretation E.g. Health Care Assistants or Assistant Practitioners who carry out the tests.


For those who have been assessed as competent to perform and interpret spirometry in terms of physiological changes. E.g. General Practice Nurses with a special interest in respiratory conditions.

Interpretation only:

For those who have been assessed as competent in interpretation only. E.g. General Practitioners

The ARTP certificate of competence is the only route to the National Register of spirometry certified practitioners. It entails a portfolio of evidence (all levels) and a practical examination (full and foundation).