Event Overview

FREE to attend for all RCGP members, £10 for non members.


Working as a GP, particularly a new GP, is a hard enough job as it is. Working with colleagues who show racism, sexism, are persistently unfair or exclude certain people or groups., is even harder. Challenging those types of behaviours is a difficult prospect, and if not dealt with correctly may quickly lead to other issues.

We would like to invite all RCGP members and their practice staff to a FREE online event to listen to the experiences, stories and outcomes of fellow GPs that have experienced racial/sexual inequality, exclusion, micro aggression and other forms of inequality. We will hear from practicing GPs that have managed to navigate this difficult subject and hope you can learn or take away a few tips and ideas that will help support you and your colleagues if you are ever faced with aggression and unacceptable behaviour in any form.

We strongly encourage all GPs and practice staff to join us! You may be able to help not only yourself, but help friends and colleagues through difficult times. We will hear how you don’t have to ‘stand by’ and ‘put up’ with aggression of any sort, and how you can take small steps to stamping out unacceptable behaviours.

We will encourage you to ask questions (non disclosure of names) so that we can try and support you on your journey.


  • To discuss the challenges of conscious/unconscious aggression, share experiences and discuss solutions to these challenges.
  • Recognising aggression and exclusion.
  • Tips on confronting and handling aggression in a positive way.
  • How to create an inclusive and positive workplace.
  • How to embrace diversity and encourage inclusion through leadership.
  • Empower listeners to challenge unacceptable behaviours in the workplace.

Please note, this event is run by RCGP North but we welcome GPs from across the UK to learn and share experiences.


Dr Margaret Ikpoh, GP Partner


North England Faculties mersey@rcgp.org.uk