Event Overview

Join us for this FREE webinar to help you improve your awareness of rare disease within primary care and speed up the diagnosis time for patients.

This webinar is recorded live and the sessions are available for delegates to access freely for 6 months once uploaded to our e-Learning platform.

*Please note we endeavour to upload content as quickly as possible after the conference, but it typically takes 1-2 weeks.

The fundamentals of rare disease – What is it? Who is affected? What’s impact and challenges when a condition is rare? What do rare conditions have in common? How can clinicians seek help, advice and alleviate some of the burden of rarity. The webinar will focus on issues relevant to patients and clinicians with a particular focus on recognition and diagnosis. We will have some more detailed and practical examples including patient narrative and case based discussion.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the estimated number of people living In the UK with a rare disease with specific clinical examples
  • Recognise that rare disease is individually rare but collectively more common
  • Appreciate that rare conditions commonly impact patients in similar ways
  • Rare disease recognition and diagnosis- understand why rare diseases are relevant to your clinical practice, how you might recognise them and when to ask for advice/refer
  • An overview of the evolving area of genomic testing
  • Resources that can support you and your patient.

Webinar Chair:

Dr Thomas Round, GP, Clinical Lead of RCGP Essential Knowledge Updates (EKU) e-Learning Programme

This meeting is sponsored by Alexion Astra Zeneca Rare Diseases Ltd. Alexion have had input into speaker selection only.