The United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union prompts many questions about the future direction of UK public policy. For years, the United Kingdom has played a key role in the work of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which licences medicines for use across the European Union. The question now is how the United Kingdom will approach this issue outside the European Union. What should its ambitions be and how could it deliver those ambitions?

Join us for this free online event on 19 August to explore the following questions.

  • What regulation benchmarks will need to be in place for the United Kingdom to remain at the forefront of medical innovation?
  • Which strengths of the existing system should we build on, and how do we ensure a smooth transition to establishing new regulatory processes?
  • What do different areas of the health care sector believe is important in shaping the new regulation framework? Change is an opportunity for fresh debate and for reconsidering structures – is the NHS making the most of this opportunity?

Event partner

This event is being held in partnership with Roche.

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