Feel calmer, live better: How to Escape the Vortex of Busyness and Become Less Stressed.

Do you ever feel that you would enjoy life a bit more if you felt a bit better and a bit less stressed? There’s loads of advice out there about how to maximise our wellbeing and reduce stress, but sometimes we just don’t have time to put it into practice. The busyness of our jobs, families and other commitments squeezes out the time needed to focus on what really counts.

In this half day interactive workshop, Dr Rachel Morris will teach you how to use some simple tools and techniques to maximise your wellbeing and change your response to stressful events to help you feel calmer, more in control and get more energy. Rachel has 20 years’ experience working as a GP in the NHS and knows that working in primary care can as demanding as it is rewarding. She developed the Shapes Toolkit to help people thrive at work and enjoy what they do.

This workshop is for receptionists and members of the admin team, who are at the frontline of patient care, dealing with people who are not always at their best on a daily basis.