All change! The compelling case for change: changing the way we change

Respiratory Clinical Leadership Workshop will give delegates the confidence and skills to make a compelling case for change and win support for a new initiative or idea that will improve patient care.

About the course

The workshop will teach:

  • The fundamentals Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign (QSIR)  using the seven Quality Improvement tools
  • How to communicate the case for change
  • What Quality Improvement means


There will also be:

  • Group sessions to practise these new skills
  • Opportunities to develop critical analysis and presenting skills
  • NHS policy update
  • PCRS update
  • Networking opportunities


The multi-disciplinary faculty for the programme are all practising clinicians who understand the realities and challenges of the job and are keen to help with your specific learning needs. Sessions on hot clinical topics and a policy update will also ensure you are up to date with developments in the clinical world and on the NHS environment.

This workshop is part of the PCRS Respiratory Clinical Leadership programme. This rolling three year programme is open to any PCRS member and is designed to give you the tools, knowledge and skills to drive improvements for patients with respiratory diseases in your area.

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis so don’t miss out on this opportunity to attend.

Refreshments throughout the workshop and dinner on day one are provided.

Accommodation booking details will be coming soon.

  • Attendance at the workshop, including dinner on Friday evening, is free to members of PCRS-UK (excluding overnight accommodation). If you are not a member of PCRS-UK you must join PCRS-UK to attend. Join for £59
  • PCRS-UK is making a significant investment in you and in return expects you to consider your learning objectives in advance of the meeting and to complete an evaluation of the event
  • PCRS-UK incurs costs for any cancellations / non attendees; if for any reason you are not able to attend please cancel your place via the link in the confirmation email or advise as soon as possible. Registrations may be cancelled up to four weeks prior to the event without charge
  • PCRS-UK reserves the right at its sole discretion to charge a penalty of up to £100 for those who cancel within 4 weeks of the meeting and / or do not attend the event