• Be confident in understanding the different inhalers available (apparently 126 inhalers in the last audit!), the techniques required and the importance of good adherence and compliance.
  • A better understanding on asthma and asthma control. Use of ACT tests, and aiding patient discussions in reviews. Clinical data updates and guideline clarity.

Jon Bell

Jon Bell will be holding a workshop on inhaler techniques, inhalers and their carbon footprints.

A 60 minute presentation slide set summarises the key differences between DPIs and MDIs with audience participation in both aiding discussion around:

  • What factors might influence the newer inhaler designs.
  • How documenting the inhalation of patients with mild to very severe disease helps research scientists analyse inhaler performance; the development of an “electronic lung” that mimics the different ways in which patients breathe in through their devices.
  • Recent initiatives reducing the environmental impact of using inhalers, whether DPI or MDI.
  • The impact that training and training tools can have on outcomes for both patients and health providers.


Heather Matthews

Heather Matthews will be holding a workshop on Asthma and Consultation Behaviours. How we can encourage change and how to involve patients in our reviews.


14:00-14:15 Arrival and lunch
14:15-15:15 Inhaler Workshop (Jon Bell)
15:15-15:25 Break
15:25-16:25 Heather Matthews Presentaton
16:25-16:30 Q&A for Heather Matthews
16:30 Meeting Close

Lunch/Refreshments will be provided.

This workshop is supported by our partners in the pharmaceutical industry. Company products may be on display.