Using a case study approach the session will explore how a holistic approach to Type 2 Diabetes and other metabolic disease can improve outcomes for your patients.


  • How we think about causes of Type 2 Diabetes
  • How we create strategies for reversal
  • Good fat, Bad fat – recognising the difference
  • Why Type 2 Diabetes is linked to many other physical and mental health conditions.

This exciting new concept in metabolic reversal is now entering the public domain.

This webinar will have plenty of time for discussion and will focus on:

  1. An inspirational case history—changing our thinking over twenty year
  2. Causation—to get home, we must first know how we got there!
  3. Holistic approach to reversal—non-doctor approach is the only way!
  4. Prevention—the ultimate goal.

Dr Paul Barrington Chell was previously the Clinical Director of Head and Neck Surgery in Worcestershire. Ahead of it becoming part of the National Framework he set up the Worcestershire Diabetic Eye Screening Programme His passion for diabetic eye disease led to a career change from surgery to holistic and preventative medicine.

Paul has written several books on wellbeing including co-authoring with his wife Monique Hope-Ross, an eye surgeon. They produced the 2021 best selling book The Diet Whisperer-12 week reset plan, with a further book due out in December 2024.

You will receive a certificate of attendance with 90 minutes of educational content towards your continued professional development.