Our 2nd Revolutionising General Practice: Remote Consulting Virtual Conference will open the debate on Primary Care remote consulting and provide a unique way to meet with peers/ sector-leading speakers and commercial thought leaders.

Remote Consulting Virtual Conference, 10:30am-3:00pm, September 8th, 2020, Convenzis App

Key topics:

• Remote consulting Primary Care Implementation Toolkit
• Innovation and inspiration – how providers responded to coronavirus
• Medico-legal risks and limitations of interacting with patients online
• Virtual Ward Rounds – best practice session
• Identifying early infections with remote observations

We are halfway through our virtual public sector event series & feedback has been overwhelming. All public servants are able to apply for a funded delegate pass to all our virtual and in-person events. Benefits of Attendance:

• Live speaker sessions
• Meet the supplier round tables and live streams
• Interactive Q&A + Polls
• Peer to peer networking
• Downloadable content

We are advising ALL attendees attend the event via personal laptop or mobile device (Non-NHS Device)
We have noticed that NHS Devices are making it more difficult to view event content.

To maximise chances of viewing content:
• Attend via a NON-NHS Device
• Attend the event via the Convenzis APP (where possible)
• Connect via your personal WI-FI (NON-NHS)
• Attend the online platform via google chrome web browser