This session explains why there is increased diagnostic risk in these groups of patients and what can be done to reduce these risks by using preprepared symptom-based, patient safety-focused consultation plans that cover the assessment and management of patients with specific symptoms, illnesses and medical conditions.

Learning objectives

  1. Understand why there is an increased risk of diagnostic uncertainty & accidents in consultations involving babies, children and older patients.
  2. Understand the common causes of diagnostic accidents in younger and older patients
  3. Introduction to the ABCDE’S & ABCDEF’S DEFGU Assessment Systems
  4. Introduction to assessment & management planning systems

Consultations in babies, children and older patients often result in diagnostic uncertainty and diagnostic accidents, many of which are preventable or have the potential to be managed more safely. The increased diagnostic risk that is present causes harm to patients and stress for GP’s.

Webinar Chair

Dr Emma Salik, GP, Faculty Education Lead, RCGP Beds and Herts

Webinar Speaker

Dr Paul Silverston, Visiting Professor at Anglia Ruskin University & Visiting Professor of Primary Care at The University of Suffolk


AiT – £50
Member – £75
Non-member – £100

Delegates must sign up to the three sessions separately (Wednesday 20 March 2024, Tuesday 26 March 2024 and Thursday 18 April 2024) to complete the course, however each part can be undertaken as a stand alone session.