Event Overview

Prescribing of medication is the most common intervention in primary care with prescribing errors in general practice being common, multifactorial but with the potential to be reduced with improved GP and Primary Care HCP training and more effective use of clinical computer systems. Recently the GP workforce has diminished, with remaining clinicians having to see more patients with more complex needs, increasing the chance for error.

This webinar aims to improve patient safety and incentivise quality improvements within Primary Care, through the development of a suite of multi-disciplinary team interventions to reduce prescribing errors, based on research by Avery et al and recommendations of the DHSC Overprescribing Report 1,2,3.

This course is part of a larger offering and you can access the online education resources and podcast here.

Learning objectives:

  • Improve patient safety and incentivise quality improvements with Primary care
  • To reduce prescribing errors
  • Regular medication searches to improve the quality of prescribing in primary care.


Dr Emma Salik, GP, Faculty Education Lead, RCGP Beds & Herts


  • Dr Paul Silverston, Visiting Professor at Anglia Ruskin University & Visiting Professor of Primary Care at The University of Suffolk
  • Dr Tony Avery, GP, OBE, Professor of Primary Health Care, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

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