Why have we created the mastermind programme?

The COVID 19 crisis has caused unprecedented change with associated anxiety, stress and worry. Workload appears to have doubled, processes have all changed it’s harder to concentrate and managers are often having to do the day job, manage the children, redesign your processes, cope with colleagues virtual working and manage anxious doctors, patients and staff all at the same time!

Their staff are going through the exact same thing, and they’re looking to their managers to help them through.

Whilst practice managers cannot (and should not) be responsible for their teams’ mental health and wellbeing, providing a safe and supportive environment in which to work is more important now than ever. Yet many managers and leaders feel ill-equipped to deal with these challenges and may feel that they just don’t have what it takes. They worry they might make things worse, say the wrong thing or put too much pressure on people.

We understand how it can feel like walking along a tightrope between wellbeing and productivity and know the pressures many leaders are under right now to perform at the highest level whilst making sure their teams are OK.

We believe that it shouldn’t be a choice between managers being OK and teams being OK. The Shapes Toolkit is a breakthrough resilience and productivity programme which has supported many managers and teams to maximise their own wellbeing and productivity whilst ensuring their teams are working together better than ever.

A Shapes Toolkit Mastermind Group Programme is a chance for practice managers to be mentored online with a small group of peers through the Shapes Programme so they can continue to provide clear and supportive leadership, be successful in their own work and prevent stress and burnout through this difficult time

The Mastermind Shapes Toolkit online group programme will help senior managers to:

  • Reduce their anxiety and stress due to the Coronavirus, uncertainty and change
  • Navigate home working whilst caring for children or relatives
  • Reduce their isolation and address logistical problems
  • Ensure effective virtual working and communication with their team
  • Support their teams for productivity and wellbeing
  • Maintain their own wellbeing and resilience
  • Focus and remain productive even in the midst of difficult circumstances.
  • Stop ‘rescuing’ their teams, instead take a coaching approach Who is it for? Practice managers who have significant responsibility for managing people and who may feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the demands expected of them and worried about how they will maintain the level of support for their teams in the long term without burning out themselves.

The Shapes Toolkit training and the mastermind coaching support will help them reduce their stress, stay on top of their work, lead their teams compassionately and strategically and remain connected and resilient through the COVID crisis.

How it works

The mastermind programme is a highly experiential and interactive experience and each module will be run online using a coaching approach. During each session there will be a check-in, interactive teaching around the Shapes, small group discussions, and some targeted group coaching. Each delegate will have some concrete actions to put into place following each session. Each group has a maximum of 10 people and will run for two hours once a fortnight for eight weeks. There are four modules in all.
Optional one-to-one coaching is also available as part of the mastermind programme.

What you get:

  • Four, 2-hour live mastermind online group modules delivered fortnightly through Zoom
  • Shapes Toolkit course handbook and a dedicated online resources area
  • Focussed online discussion group forum and support in between sessions
  • An email hotline to the Shapes Facilitators