The theory and practice of Shingrix (non-live) shingles vaccination: an interactive study session for those new to Shringrix vaccination. This course is for HCSWs who are already trained and competent in immunisation.

This short interactive webinar is run via Zoom.

Course Content

  • Shingles infection
  • Epidemiology
  • Shingles vaccine
  • National shingles vaccination programme
  • Resources
  • Shingles vaccination programme from 1 September 2023

Sources of additional information

This programme is based on the UKHSA National Minimum Standards for Immunisation Training and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training, guidance of professional bodies and the Department of Health ‘Immunisation against Infectious Disease’ 2006 (‘Green Book’) online and UKHSA update letters.

Please be reminded this course is for HCSWs NOT HCPs and this does not count as their annual update – it ONLY covers Shinrgix.