About this event

This live taster session on Assertiveness with Rebecca Howard, Founder and CEO of Shiny Mind, and Dannie-Lu Carr, author, international assertiveness expert, coach and TED talk speaker will help you to understand when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’ and how to create healthy boundaries and relationships.

When you think of Assertiveness, what comes to mind?

Probably someone who is overconfident, loud, and domineering… Well, you’re not alone. Being assertive is often a misunderstood quality, but it’s a skill we can all practice so that we can express our feelings, opinions and needs clearly and with empathy. It’s also about asserting your rights whilst respecting the feelings, beliefs and rights of others.

So how can assertiveness improve our wellbeing?

Being more assertive can significantly improve our mood, boost our self-esteem, reduce conflict in our lives and help us deal with stress more effectively. That’s why we have developed Assertiveness masterclasses to help you understand more about assertiveness, what level of ‘assertiveness’ you are at and practical steps you can take to be more assertive, as part of the new update to the ShinyMind app.