This event is popular and places are funded by the Training Hub, so please only book if you are sure you can attend. If you do book and later find you are unable to attend for any reason, please let us know so that we can reallocate your place to our waiting list.


Codes are pivotal to every piece of data we enter into our clinical systems. They determine:

• Patient’s past medical history
• Patient’s on-going clinical care
• Clinical governance
• Income

Because of these reasons, it is essential that everyone who enters patient data has received the appropriate training.

This seminar will also touch on data quality & validation techniques to help ensure the accuracy of patient data.

When summarising patient records, what should we be including? A summary enables the clinician to see at a glance the patient’s medical history & to provide accurate & appropriate on-going treatment.

Everyone who enters any patient data onto the clinical system could be contributing to a patient summary,
therefore, everyone needs to understand what a summary is, why it is important & what information should
be included.

Who should attend?

All members of staff who enter coded data into patient records – this webinar is primarily aimed at non-clinical staff.

How will this webinar benefit you?

These webinars will ensure all delegates grasp the key messages around SNOMED CT, why they are important & how inconsistent data entry will affect patient care & safety as well as practice income. The summarising webinar will ensure staff members are fully aware of what a patient summary needs to deliver
for on-going patient care.

SNOMED Webinar Agenda (09:45-11:00)

• Why Use Codes?
• What is SNOMED CT?
• Finding SNOMED Codes
• Entering SNOMED Codes
• Data Quality & Data Validation

SUMMARISING Webinar Agenda (12:45 – 14:00)

• Aims of summarising
• What to/not to summise
• Policies, GDPR & Data Protection