Social Prescribing National Webinar Series

With the first part of Dame Carol Black’s review, published last February, having found that entrenched drug use and premature deaths occur disproportionately more in deprived areas and the north of the country, compounded by deterioration of investment and vital services.  With drug-related deaths, currently at an all-time high in England and Wales, having risen for eight consecutive years.  In the second part of her review, published last month (July 2021), Carol Black warns that the pandemic has very likely widened inequalities, urging the need to recognise “that addiction is a chronic health condition, and like diabetes, hypertension or rheumatoid arthritis, it will require long-term follow-up and investment”.

We’ve brought together speakers working in the field of addiction and recovery to share with you their experiences, knowledge and  stories for supporting people and harnessing community.

The learning outcomes for this event include:

  • Understanding the landscape of drug and alcohol services and the changing policy context.
  • Raising awareness of the causes and the impact addiction has on a person’s life and that of families and the wider community.
  • Different recovery programmes and approaches.
  • Question and Answer session with speakers.

Speakers include:

  • Dave Higham, CEO and Founder of The Well Communities
  • Kerri Higham MBE, Services Manager at the WELL Communities
  • Graham England, CEO Recovery for All
  • Suzi Smith, Senior Operations Manager for Recovery and Resilience, Lancashire care Foundation Trust
  • Noel Camm, Commissioning Manager, Strategic Commissioning, People Services, Cumbria County Council

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