Introduction to the Voluntary Sector

What will module cover:

An overview to what the voluntary sector has to offer. Link workers will have a better understanding of the voluntary sector, what different services provide and how you can match patients to the best services available. Once we have covered the bigger services, link workers will get a chance to expand their knowledge of what’s available in their local area through the breakout area sessions with the community navigators from their local district . Applying this knowledge to practice, link workers will then get a chance to pose questions to the navigators on possible solutions available to support their patients.


  • Corrina O’Flaherty Seddon Community Navigator Senior Coordinator – Volunteering & Outreach
  • Jigna Vyas Gosal -Community Navigator Coordinator (South)
  • Kathy Cornell – Community Navigator Coordinator – Fenland
  • Lorraine Clarke- Community Navigator Coordinator- Huntingdon
  • Lesley Hetherington- Peterborough Project Coordinator

Suitable for:

All link workers