MDTs consist of practitioners from different professions and disciplines that work together to provide holistic, person centred and co-ordinated health care and support. They play an important role in primary care, organising health, care and other important support such as social prescribing to meet an individual’s wider determinants of health and complex needs.

MDTs bring together the expertise and skills of different professions and practitioners to focus on getting the right support and intervention at the right time, proactively including an individual’s own goals and motivations. MDTs play an important role bridging professional boundaries and roles, reducing any barriers and organisational difference’s that can get in the way of focusing on the needs of the individual. There are a number of factors that enable MDTs to be successful and we will be sharing with you a number of case studies of successful targeted multi-disciplinary working and the role social prescribing has, to promote self-management and the wider determinants of health.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of what effective MDT working is.
  • Hear from best practice examples in how PCN’s incorporate social prescribing and link workers to be engaged and involved

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