About the workshop

Providing front line services is a tough job – this dynamic workshop provides clear guidance on how to make it as easy as possible by focusing on meeting needs first time. However all staff still need strategies for dealing with difficult situations and people – whether service users or colleagues.

By the end of the workshop you will be more confident in your ability to deal with tricky situations.

You will leave with a personal action plan aiming to achieve better outcomes for everyone.


Topics covered:

  • Defining difficult behaviour
  • Is it me?
  • The Importance of Assertiveness
  • Ten Types of Difficult Behaviour
  • The Importance of Listening Skills
  • Interpreting Body Language
  • Types of Aggressive Behaviour
  • Dealing with Non Violent Aggressive Behaviour
  • Some Basic Steps – Assertive language and techniques
  • Personal Action Planning

This workshop has been funded by GPN

Teas and coffees are provided.