Suicide Bereavement UK and Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust are collaborating for the 9th year running to host Suicide Bereavement UK’s international conference.

18 Speakers and five workshops will cover the following:

  • The launch of the National Suicide Bereavement Study (involving over 7,000 participants)
  • Personal experiences of being bereaved by suicide
  • Looking at an international window of opportunity
  • The memorial quilt stitched by people bereaved by suicide in Greater Manchester
  • The importance of signposting after a death by suicide
  • The experiences of ambulance staff responding to suicide and bereaved families
  • Emergency Service Postvention Response (ESPR) research, which has informed ESPR training (the first of its kind internationally)
  • Continued debate around ‘zero suicide’
  • The importance of working with nightmares to help reduce suicide risk
  • Who cares for the carer?
  • The potential role of pharmacists in suicide prevention
  • Helping to reduce suicide in young people
  • Suicide in universities: is data protection costing lives?