What will be covered:

Supporting growth through adversity is a component part of the Complete Leadership Series aimed at leaders who are new to line management or in the first year or two in a line management role. Participants are welcomed from clinical or non-clinical backgrounds to this 2-Hour online session which will: 

  • Explore the psychology of now, focusing on what individuals, teams and organisations are experiencing in the current context
  • Discuss the resulting impact on individuals, teams and organisations
  • Positive growth through adversity models and how growth, learning and insight can be supported
  • Look at the importance of psychological transition and how you can apply the theories shared in the session in your leadership.
  • This session is grounded in the psychology of how people think, feel and behave. It will provide you will valuable insights and helpful tools to support you in your leadership as you continue to enhance your own self-awareness and your awareness of others.

Who is this session for:

The NHS Leadership Academy provides leadership development for people of all backgrounds and experiences across health and care. 

About Rebekah Giffney  

Rebekah is a highly skilled and experienced Chartered Psychologist. A confident facilitator speaker and coach, Rebekah has a proven track record of delivering engaging and powerful development programmes. 

She is a natural multiplier applying her expertise of psychology to support people be at their best in order to maximise their impact and performance at work. 

  • You will need a webcam and a headset to fully participate.
  • The computer will need to have the sound function on so you can hear and speak at the webinar.
  • You will need to be connected to the internet for the duration of the webinar.
  • We will send an email with details of instructions for the day to all participants, prior to the date.
  • Please note: this webinar may be recorded.

Questions about this event?

Organiser : Leadership and Lifelong Learning Team

Email: eoe@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk