Masterclass Purpose

The purpose of this masterclass is to help those with Talent Management responsibility to further consolidate the relevant knowledge and expertise to successfully implement talent review boards and succession planning for your organisation.

Masterclass Aims

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the strategic and regulatory requirements relating to Talent Management
  • Understand critical data requirements to carry out Talent Reviews and Succession Planning successfully
  • Exploring Talent Review and Succession Planning cycles and associated tools
  • Creating the right conditions and environments for Talent Review
  • Participate in a Talent Review simulation
  • Reflect on the days’ experiences and learning to take away

Masterclass Background

There has been an emerging and growing aspiration for the NHS to adopt a more systematic and coordinated approach to managing its talent in light of the current economic and social context in which we now operate.  The Developing People – Improving Care strategy set out an expectation for all NHS funded organisations to focus on talent management, development and planning as one of their core activities and emphasis on the importance of this agenda continues to grow.

The inclusion of talent management expectations in the CQC well-led framework, the NHS Long-Term Plan and Interim People Plan provide further strategic imperatives to support organisations to develop their approaches in both local and system contexts, including the formation of coherent talent strategies.  All NHS organisations have a responsibility to meet the requirements that have been set out.

Following successful delivery and evaluation of these masterclasses across all regions earlier this year, we are delighted to be able to offer this opportunity to further enable the development and enhancement of local approaches to talent review and succession planning in the East of England.

Target Audience

The masterclass is aimed at senior individuals who hold responsibility for implementing Talent Management including review processes and succession planning in the East of England. The session will provide you with input and theory on best practice, a chance to share ideas and network with your peers and an opportunity to develop your practical experience. Participants will be provided with practical tools and resources to use in their organisations.