Over the years, the Leg Club conference has grown into an arena and venue for those developing and improving wound management. The annual Leg Club conference is a platform for networking and sharing important knowledge.

At the Leg Club conference, you will meet new-thinkers in wound management who question old thoughts and have courage to try new things. To find new solutions, we need to look at the existing problems with new eyes.

The 2019 Leg Club conference will look at today’s current challenges in practice, the latest strategy and thinking and how they can be applied in every-day clinical situations. Our annual Leg Club conference offers a unique opportunity for delegates to learn from others and forge new partnerships.
The agenda on day one has been designed to be interactive as well as informative and, in the true spirit of the conference, has been designed around previous attendee feedback and training needs.

Agenda for Wednesday 25th September

  • Atypical wounds: diagnosis and management – presented by Marco Romanelli, facilitated by Laura Talbot
  • Wound mapping – presented by Steve Jeffery, facilitated by Carole Brooke
  • Is it lymphoedema or is it chronic oedema? – presented by Rebecca Elwell, facilitated by Simon Mangan
  • Advocating evidence based care – presented by Jacqui Fletcher and Elizabeth Merlin-Manton, facilitated by David Hibbit
  • Foot steps to foot health – bringing hope – presented by Rachel Torkington-Stokes, facilitated by Carol McIntyre
  • Try walking a mile in my legs! – presented by Melanie Thomas and Karen Morgan, facilitated by Mike Hoskins
  • Shining a light on a hidden problem – presented by Jemell Geraghty and Kelli Evans, faciliotated by Rob Bawden.
  • Meet the experts: social prescribing and the psychosocial Leg Club model of lower limb care – presented by Mary James and Clare Mechen


Agenda for Thursday 26th September

  • Person centred wound care: lessons learnt from complex wound management in a rehabilitation setting – presented by Gary Bain
  • Do we have time to listen to those in our care and their families? – presented by Zena Moore
  • The impact of communication and quality of life on wounded children and their families – presented by Guido Ciprandi
  • Going beyond the ABPI – presented by Dr Leanne Atkin
  • Integrating services to ensure early referral – presented by Naseer Ahmad
  • The magnitude of social interaction at “Only Legs Allowed” – presented by Lindy Jones
  • Quality of life and wellbeing – is their a difference? – presented Dr Emer Shanley
  • The legs matter campaign outcomes of an awareness week – presented Dr Jemell Geraghty

To register your interest, please e-mail lynn.bullock@legclubfoundation.com