About this event

The main conference will be from 9am-2pm. 2-4pm is suggested time for further discussion and reflection to be held at personal, regional or organisational level between 14:15 and 16:15, booked separately by clicking here.

  • Trainees from diverse ethnic backgrounds are less likely to succeed in GP training than their white colleagues
  • There are not enough GP Educators from diverse ethnic backgrounds, particularly in senior roles
  • Colleagues are suffering racist abuse from patients and colleagues without receiving consistent, appropriate and high-standard support

Hosted online on the hopin platform, this conference is designed to be relevant to GP trainees and everyone in the UK who is involved in planning and delivering undergraduate and postgraduate GP education. A series of inspirational keynote talks, workshops and panel discussions will explore the current situation, emerging themes and hope for the future of anti-racism in GP education.

During the day we will:

  • Touch on the evidence demonstrating racism in GP/medical education
  • Focus on strategies to identify, confront and stop racism
  • Start to equip delegates with allyship skills
  • Celebrate diversity in our training community