About this event

People Promise Theme – Voice that Counts

Have you ever felt a passion and drive to make a change, but not known how? Perhaps you’ve waited for someone else to start the ball rolling? Have you ever wished that you had more control and influence to improve a situation or overcome a challenge within your service?

Would you like to use your voice to empower yourself, patients, or colleagues?

As a mother, Mo felt that maternity services didn’t support her needs. Keen to use her lived experience, her values, and her own personal perspective she became a Service User Representative. She now plays a big part in National Maternity Voices and continues to use her story to positively bring about change. Mo takes storytelling to a new level. She applies a “Public Narrative” approach, that connects individuals with each other to bring about collective change. She explores the WHAT IF (the self), SO WHAT (the “us” narrative) and WHAT NOW (the collective action can we carry out together).

Mo brings and urgency and challenge, making us consider “what is important?” and brings an urgency to make a change “right now”.

Using narrative and memory strings, she enables change to resonate and stand the test of time.

About the Speaker


Mo is a multitasking mum, keen stories-for-change agent, experienced teacher, and passionate MotherBaby champion. She partners with diverse stakeholders in multidisciplinary groups for equitable and sustainable improvements at every level in the maternal health service and related research. She is also a writer, speaker, and so much more. In addition, she encourages, inspires, and empowers people to take ownership of the change they want to see.

Additional information

This session may be recorded for training and development purposes available via CPFT learning platforms. By booking a place, you consent to being recorded.

This opportunity is free to those working for organisations delivering social or healthcare in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. All we ask is that you book wisely, cancelling your place if you can no longer attend to ensure others who can, could take your place.